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Verena - Si Me Debilito | Music Video

“Restriction” - One-Minute Dance Film Made in Quarantine

JUST - Your Love | Music Video

THE OTHER SIDE | A Documentary about Psychic Mediums

The Other Side Poster.png
The Other Side (2019) is a documentary short written and directed by Zhuolin Hong.
Three psychic mediums from Boulder Psychic Institue are being interviewed. Miwa Mack, the founder of the school, graduated from CU Boulder with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree; Melanie Sheere, who started seeing ghosts and energies ever since she was a child; and Elizabeth Gariti, who is a web designer and was always interested in studying supernatural phenomenon and now work professionally in BPI.
The film talked about their encounters with the spiritual world and how we are losing the power we born with as we grow up.
The light effects that represent the spiritual world are completely practical. They are traffic on the highway with different crystal glass placed in front of the lens. 

Xinjiang, China

Travel Film


Selected by the Grillo Film Awards

This film has won the 2017 Fall Grillo Film Awards.
It tells a story about a man who plays the same piano song every Christmas to commemorate his father.
It is a story about one's life. Piano CDs and children's books symbolize his colorful childhood; traveling tickets exemplify his busy teenage time; greeting cards celebrate his happiest moments; broken crafts represent his deceased wife. But in the end, all of the moments have condensed into notes on his piano sheets, becoming his last wish and a gift to his family.

Listen Before I Fade Away

An out-of-body experience told through audio

Video Essay about Lady Bird's Music Score

Earlier Works
Search is a film about a man searching for his lost childhood memories by building an action figure.
The film uses screen direction, saturation and, contrasty to display the journey of his inner boy meeting his present self.
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