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The Belongings for the Lonely Souls :

  A film by Zhuolin Hong

"The Belongings for the Lonely Souls" is about a dog who runs away from his homeless owner and tries to be adopted by an upper-class family.

Why this Project?

This is a family film that targets audience at all ages. It discusses some of the biggest social issues such as poverty, unemployment, housings. "The Belongings for the Lonely Souls" will be a gift for the ones who had family disagreements or conflicts, a reminder that the most important thing in the world is family.


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Zhuolin Hong


I am a third-year film major students in the University of Colorado Boulder, over the year I have been involved in different student films and various freelance work. This will be my first ever feature film.

Meet the Producer

Color Pallet

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Many people have the misconceptions that dogs are color blind, but in fact, they just don't have the same color sensitivity as the human eyes do. They have a more narrow color spectrum that includes saturated greens, blues, purples, and yellows. In this film, we will utilize these colors in our color pallet, and give you the experience of what it is like to live as Cheese and many others.

How can you help?

Our goal is to raise $ 37,000. This will cover all the expenses from development, production to distribution.

$ 2 or more

(Take a puppy SAT quiz)

Can you get into a puppy college? We will send you an online quiz to find out how much you know about the life of a puppy

$ 10 or more

(Watch exclusive footage)

You will get an exclusive behind the scene video of the film, along with interviews with some of our crew members

$ 40 or more

(Get our limited edition t-shirt)

Other than the exclusive behind the scene footage, you will get our limited edition t-shirt. You are now one of our official member of the searching team for Cheese

$ 60 or more

(Get a hide and seek book)

Other than the exclusive behind the scene footage, you will get a "Where is Cheese" hide and seek board book

$ 200 or more

(Your name will appear in our credits)

Along with all previous rewards, you will receive a PDF file of our official poster and your name will be appear in our credits

$ 500 or more

(Come visit the set)

Along with all the previous rewards, you will also get the chance to visit our set, find out what is going on behind the camera. You will get to meet with our cast and crew 

$ 1,200 or more

(Your will have a part in the film)

Not only you are getting every award above, but you have also earned a part in our film. We will assign a non-speaking part in the film for you. You will not only get a credit as a sponsor but also as an extra

$5,000 or more

(You are invited to the premier)

This project would never have happened if it wasn't for your help. And we want to invite you to celebrate with us when the film is premier

$12,000 or more

(You are the Executive Producer of the film!)

We will put your name on credit as Executive Producer and put you in a hotel during the premiere.(airfare not included) You are going to receive one of the props from the set as a souvenir

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