Whispers in the Snow (2019)






After passing away, a mother needs to collect her memories and send one last message to her teenage son through a dream.





Whispers in the Snow is about letting go. Growing up, there are moments where we need to be independent and leave the safe place from our parents. For a parent, your love is infinite, and you feel responsible for loving your children at all times. However, watching them grow up makes you insecure, and realize that your job is completed.

What would you say to your loved one in the last moment before the afterlife? This film is my answer.



Cast &


Director, Writer, Cinematographer                      

Zhuolin Hong 

Assistant Director

Alan Balfe


Alexander Troxler

Boom Operator

Niama Al-Nima

Set Photographer/ Videographer

Jake Richardson








Marian Rothschild

Son/ Matty

Miles Shaw

© 2018 by Zhuolin Hong